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Cervantes, on the other hand, said her relationship with a family member suffered after she opened up about her experience dating sugar daddies: “He said, ‘You’re selling your body online.'” Despite Cervantes’ qualms about accepting money in exchange for her companionship, she has no plans to deactivate her account anytime soon.

She said she doesn’t have parents who can help her pay for school, so she relies on the kindness of wealthy men out of desperation.

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“In my heart of hearts I don’t really like the situation,” Cervantes said.’ And I’ve said no.” But she admits that sex ups the ante — if a sugar baby consents to an intimate relationship, she’s likely to get more gifts out of her benefactor.“If you look at the language of various state statutes, the terms of many of the relationships fall under the definition of prostitution,” said New Jersey attorney Alex Miller, who has studied “sugar dating.” Authorities shy away from prosecuting sugar websites and their users because the relationships can mirror a typical romance, Miller said.The man told her, “You’re only going to be young and hot for so long.Take advantage of it while you can.” Mackey got used to the perks.

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