Who is zhang ziyi dating

When they gave speeches, Ziyi Zhang came close to tears in thanking Marshall for "the chance the film gave all Asian actors".Japanese-born Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, who has a minor role, noted that it was unusual to be part of a cast of international Asian actors: "And we have Hollywood to thank for that."These expressions of nation-to-nation solidarity were no accident.So would the Japanese take to their hearts this subtitled, bizarrely multinational portrayal of their culture?

Nor can the film hope for global success without stellar casting - and no Japanese actress has the international appeal of Zhang, Gong Li or Yeoh.

Putting on a kimono and learning how to wear it and move inside it takes years." Chinese actresses, she felt, could not look genuine: "They even have different hairlines from us."But in fairness, Memoirs of a Geisha could never recoup its million budget merely by appealing to geishas: they are a dwindling breed.

Tokyo boasts fewer than 300 geishas, and they are rarely glimpsed.

When I first saw this list of course my first thought was Tang Yixin and Zhang Ruoyun will finally appear on the same screen together.

As one of the most adorable couples of c-entertainment and now that they are finally openly dating this was going to be the highlight of the event for me. poor Liying Thankfully she found Chen Xuedong who was also single surrounded by couples Video But most of the night, she was just eating. While everyone else was socializing ZLY was busy looking for food.

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