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The child was a six-year-old model who had been winning beauty contests for the past year. It also made reference to a Navy air base in the Philippines where John Ramsey had served.When Patsy checked the household on the morning after Christmas, she found that Jon Benet was not in her room. Four misspellings in the note appeared to be intentional.Click here to return to the page you were visiting.In the nearly 20 years following Jon Benét Ramsey’s murder case, the three remaining members of her family were thrust into the spotlight of the national media circus, especially her then 9-year-old brother Burke.The ransom note was from paper belonging to the Ramseys and fiber found on the duct tape used to bind the child was consistent with that found on Patsy’s clothing.The small amounts of evidence were basically circumstantial and not enough to bring charges.The couple moved to Michigan in the summer of 2003 and Patsy suffered a recurrence of the dreaded disease.

When John Ramsey found Jon Benet at PM, her body was completely set with rigor mortis, which indicates that she had died between PM on December 25 and AM on December 26.

American businessman with a successful life, married to former beauty queen Patricia Ann Paugh (born 12/29/1956 in Parkersburg, WV) with whom he had two kids, Burke (born 1/27/1987) and Jon Benet (born 8/06/1990). The family lived in a 15-room Tudor style home in Boulder, Colorado.

John Ramsey and his wife became two of the most vilified suspects of infanticide of a decade when their daughter, Jon Benet was brutally murdered on 12/26/1996. " and saying that her daughter was missing and that a 2½-page ransom note demanding 8,000 had been left by the kidnapper on the steps of the back stairs leading to the kitchen. Ramsey, We have your daughter..." It was printed in block letters and had neat margins.

Ramsey is running for a seat in the Michigan House of Representatives.

His wife Patsy is currently undergoing chemotherapy for ovarian cancer, with which she was first diagnosed in 1993.

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