Updating windows 95 to windows 98

What steps do I take to update her computer so we can play these audio and video cds on it? Aunt Na On Windows ME, you can install only upto Windows Media Player 9.

Is it maybe a problem with my codecs and/or her codecs? I could not find a mention of one installed in her properties.

It is designed for game programmers to provide direct access to hardware, bypassing Windows.

I guessed if you have Windows Media Player 7.0, you would have not updated Direct X either. Keeping in mind that everything I'm doing I have to download on my computer and then transfer it to her computer via a flash drive since she does not have internet I don't think I can do the sound card update, correct?

Most media players use Direct X for playing video, thats why you should update Direct X.

Display Adapters, Other Devices, Modem, etc.) this will then subhead to the device/s present on the computer under that category.

These may or may not have a Question mark, or an exclamation mark.

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