Updating a passport 8500

The sounds are loud and detector can pick up multiple threats.DO NOT settle for anything less then an escort, Beltronics, or Valentine, you WILL be disappointed.The alerts are loud enough to grab your attention and the led can be adjusted to a range of brightness that is acceptable in both day and night.Remember, having a radar does not mean you can drive as fast as possible, there are still limitations to what a radar can do for you.What I have confirmed with owning this unit is that there are 4 major alerts that I receive while driving.

This detector is hooked up to visual LEDs that work off of the audio from the device. "If it's under the seat it can't detect laser." I have news for you, the laser detection feature on any detector is useless, as if you are being warned, you are already tagged.

I really don't speed around town due to heavy traffic and poor drivers sharing the road.

On the long distance freeways and back road highways I have been able to avoid a number of speed traps.

Where I live K is used for in-town camera enforcement, while law enforcement uses Ka.

Escort has always been popular and more high end for the radar genre.

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