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But I wasn’t happy at all when I realised what was going on as I work night shifts and they’re making a load of noise.‘A load of dogs were running around on the road outside and I could see kids smashing and hitting the corrugated iron and pulling down wires.

In the meantime, the Metropolitan Police has been using the site – a sign on railings outside advertises this.

Once you have connected and agree upon a trip, they are free to exchange their contact information or communicate via our website to plan the details of their trip.

There are two traveller sites that stand next to each other and border his home.

One is called Green Acres Caravan Park, where the infamous Connors slavery family lived, and the other is Toddbury Farm Travellers Site.

Set your location and find out who is in your area.

Attractive members are allowed to communicate for free, so once a generous member unlocks communication the actual trip can be planned in detail.

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