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Unfortunately however, most people have, at some point in their life, developed self-defeating habits.

One example of an automatic behavior is the brushing of your teeth.

As a result, this discomfort can prevent someone from making a change to their life, even though they would like to make that change. Pleasure keeps you in your comfort zone, and can prevent you from taking the necessary action needed to change your life.

Pain tends to be a motivator of behavior, as we naturally try to avoid pain so that we can move to a state of pleasure instead. For most people, using the mouse in their unfamiliar hand feels uncomfortable as they are not able to move it as well as they normally do. In this quick exercise, you broke your habit of using the mouse with your dominant hand, and as a result, you broke the automatic unconscious control your brain had over the movement of that mouse.

This is one of the major advantages of habits, as they allow you to devote your brain power to other tasks while you automatically do the things that you are already familiar with.

In real world terms, this means that you can multi-task.

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