Student speed dating cardiff

luck with girls, almost entirely because i never really put myself 'out there' due to shyness/lack of confidence.

All my friends, male and female, consider me very good looking and assume that i'm aware of it (i'm not).

We talked about names, ages, boring shit like that, one girl was particularly excited by the fact that I am a Zelda fan, which I would have thought is not particularly unusual…

Sometimes, I would tell people my age and my number at the same time- “It says I’m 23, but I’m actually 19.” Smooth.

Of course, to get the full journalistic experience, I needed to do my best to get at least one of those boxes ticked.

As I moved on to the next girl, I would attempt a suave comment to break the ice, but “make sure you put down a yes, because it’s always a yes from me!

I turned up just on time, grabbed some cheap cider from the bar and sat down next to him. In hindsight, I’d had nothing to eat all day, so maybe the drink wasn’t such a smart idea.

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So I decided to try a this speed dating thing at my students union.

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“Life is rough for an adolescent tough, even when you’re good looking like me,” sang the Monks in 1979.

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