Simon cowell and amanda holden dating Sexteens 18 chat

When Stephen Mulhern revealed one of the most Googled things about the comedian is 'Is David Walliams dating Simon', David had an absolute field day.Before we get into this story, let's take a minute to think about what life would be like dating Simon Cowell., she revealed: "A very long time ago, when we were both single, we went out on a date.But I pre-ordered a cab to come and get me at 10.30pm, which made him laugh and he never forgot that." Blee.

He was a judge on the British TV talent competition series Pop Idol, The X Factor, and Britain's Got Talent, and the American TV talent competition shows American Idol, The X Factor, and America's Got Talent.In 2001, Cowell was given the role of judge on the first series of Pop Idol, a show that he and the show creator Simon Fuller successfully pitched to ITV Controller of Entertainment Claudia Rosencrantz.Cowell's S Records signed the top two finishers of the first season of Pop Idol, Will Young and Gareth Gates, both of whom went on to have No 1 UK hits, which were the top 2 best-selling singles of 2002, as well as that of top 2 of the decade of 2000s. During the main show, Simon Cowell made a joke about Amanda Holden after act Issy Simpson used 'magic' to suddenly look decades younger.(Well, she actually had an older actress portray her first, before appearing as her 8-year-old self.)"She uses magic, you use botox," Simon teased Amanda., Simon was asked to rate his fellow judges' performances on tonight's show.

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