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Added: 01-Dec-2016 Wesley Dillon is the star quarterback of his football team.He is tricked into doing something and he can"t get it off his back. Will he ever feel the same again, or will his life change for the better or worse?Several times he asked, What the fuck are you looking at? Several times when hed make comments to the other guys like, "This guy likes to look at cock so we have to watch out," I"d be so embarrassed...Added: 22-Sep-2016 Charles by now was also playing with his cock and rubbing my ass.Continue» Hi xhamster here is a story for you me and the wife is some super freaks we like to have fun we like to go out to different clubs or get on the web trying to hook up some dates with who every want to have some fun one time we hookup with this guy his name was rick a good looking guy to we set up to go to house we got there it was a nice big house got to the door knock rick must been right by the door he opening the door on the first knock rick invited us n we greeted each other we told him r name he than as us do y'all want something to drink we said yes please so rick walk us to the den were ... I do jerk him off every couple of weeks and fill him in on some of what I have done. There were not quite as many guys up there as the night before, but there was enough to make it interesting. Putting some money in the video machine I tuned in a channel that seemed to have...Continue» More from Judy Let me tell you a little more about my husband. I keep a lot to myself figuring he doesn’t need to know. Continue» America hosts dozens of agents, who work secretly exclusively for me.

I was so confused and horny, and a bit angry that my friends never told me..

I got so turned on that I reached over and started playing with Pauls cock.

After I stroked him a few times, he said, If you want to try it out for size, go ahead....

We both know, or I know the passion I have for her.

Still thinking how it cannot be possible that this amount of beauty can look at me, stare at me with words of how handsome I am.

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