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This was a potentially fatal blow to the industry; the stock price of publicly traded GEO plummeted 40 percent that day. Since the election of President Trump, GEO — which donated 0,000 to a Trump political action committee last year, and 0,000 to his inaugural bash — has seen its stock price nearly quadruple.One of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' first moves after taking office in February was to rescind Yates’ memo.“There’s little transparency.” Open The Government, a coalition for government transparency that includes the American Civil Liberties Union and the American Society of News Editors, recently began encouraging Senate leaders to support legislation to apply the Freedom of Information Act to federally funded private prisons.The companies are well-skilled at the art of evading scrutiny.

Hill Correctional Facility in Thornton, Delaware County.He'd been arrested on a bench warrant over unpaid child support, but all he could think about was the unrelenting pain from withdrawal.Bryant, 38, asked prison guards for medical attention for three days, scrawling his pleas on scraps of paper. “We have copies of letters he wrote, begging for Advil or Motrin because he was in so much pain,” said Sue Taylor, his sister.Its facilities are “equally safe, secure and humane as government-run facilities,” Pablo Paez, a GEO spokesman, wrote in an email to the Inquirer and Daily News.But a few weeks later, then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates issued a memo that directed the Bureau of Prisons to phase out its use of private-run prisons altogether.

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