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She was an actress who wasn't reliable, who almost wasn't insurable ...

She had all the potential in the world, and it was squandered," says Megan.

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Unfortunately it turned into me offering up what is really much more of an uneducated opinion.

It was most definitely not my intention to criticize or degrade Lindsay.

Fox, who has been battling former “Transformers” director Michael Bay in the press, can show some of the comedic range she displayed in “Body” (not that many of you went to see it). Which is weird because I don’t really remember posing nude.” She then displays numerous photos that are clearly photoshop jobs, but Fox lives by the “if it’s on the internet it must be true” rule and there are some good laughs in it. We discover Fox can do a pretty good southern accent. Russian Bride Fox is one of two russian brides, with Armisen in drag as the other. Brady Wilson’s Burning up the Bed sheets Keenan Thompson, probably one of the most underrated cast members (after six years no less! Weekend Update Admittedly, laughed at the Larry King joke. Biker Chit Chat Oooh, it’s time for the skit where new cast member Jenny Slate said the f-word in her very first episode! She might be able to star in a Scorsese movie after this skit (did I really just type that? SNL Digital Short 2 Megan Fox and Andy Samberg (as themselves) arrive at Fox’s apartment to find her roommate who is a guy in a bathroom and an Optimus Prime mask. Every time Fox leaves the living room Optimus gets hardcore and tells Andy he needs to get the [expletive] out of there. Honestly, considering how the public may be turning on Ms. And yes, fired cast members Michela Watkins and Casey Wilson are missed already.

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Of course, Wiig blows her off the tube, but at least Fox doesn’t seem like she’s directly reading cue cards. As the prettier bride, Fox just has to stand and, um, look sexy. SNL Digital Short 1 It begins with Will Forte and Megan Fox on a date. ), has brought his A-game back from summer vacation with this funny skit about an older man who has come up with a self-help DVD with different love making techniques. Still, Megan’s just doing the whole sexy chick thing though. Best part of this week’s segment: Thompson is returning character Jean St. Another good zinger from Meyers: “Arkansas where even being pregnant doesn’t stop you from being pregnant.” Then, oh lord, Kristen Wiig as the rambling Judy Grimes. Megan actually believes the guy in the mask is Optimus. U2 is back to close the show with “Ultraviolet” and Bono has a freaky cool microphone which he swings from on the stage.

She appears to speak Russian in responding to questions, but maybe she’s just mumbling? Forte’s character is supposed to be a bit “off,” but it’s unclear why, but the whole point o the sketch is that he’s an overly emotional habitual liar and when Fox asks him to marry him (on their first date), his response is “No [expletive] way.” Because, who could say no to Megan Fox? Fox shows up as a dumb broad who helps him demonstrate The Teeter-Totter, The Stormy Seas, The Mother May I and The Wild Boar specifically. The Jabberwocky as Thompson continues to try and make “SNL” culturally relevant all on his own. Jean, the French Def Jam comedian commenting on the G20 summit. I’m in the minority, I just don’t get this character. Yep, doing the Thursday Update show is really killing some of the more timely and best bits for the rest of the week. Live Line You’ve seen this numerous times before (maybe decades before), a skit mocking telephone chat lines which seem to be back in vogue these days (are people over the internet? Fox lays seductively on a couch while selling the virtues of calling in. It ends with the guy playing Optimus and another guy in a Bumblebee mask (no spoilers on who it was) “transforming” which really just means they get naked and, well, see, they, um….let’s just say there was a reason this skit was after PM. Verdict: Um, bizarre to the 9th degree, but I’m sure someone found it funny. Your Mom Talks to Megan Fox While You Finish Getting Ready Wiig plays a funny mom who really doesn’t know who Megan Fox is or “Transformers” or can’t get any entertainment jargon right.

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