Samsung galaxy s3 weather widget not updating

You can add the languages you want to use to Samsung keyboard in Galaxy S5.

By default, the default language of Samsung keyboard in Galaxy S5 probably is English (either US or UK depending on your location).

Samsung keyboard includes many emojis, which are far more than the vanilla Android provides. Although it is possible to write with a pencil if you adjust the touch sensitivity, I would recommend you not to do it.

To insert emojis in your messages, simply tap and hold the second button in the last row of your Samsung keyboard. To enter handwriting mode in Samsung keyboard, you simply touch and hold the second key in the last row, an option window should pop out. Once in handwriting mode, you can write in the area provided.

Galaxy S5 will recognize your writing and convert them to letters/words or numbers.

The recognized characters/words are provided in the top of writing area.

Once the languages are added, you can switch to them when you typing. For example, when composing an email, I can easily switch to Chinese or Spanish, insert some characters, then switch back to English as shown below.Samsung keyboard also gives you a few other possible words/characters.Overall, the handwriting recognition in Galaxy S5 is acceptable in accuracy and speed.If you want to use a new language in Samsung keyboard, simply go to Settings–Language and input.Tap the gear button next to Samsung keyboard, then tap “ Select input languages”, as shown below.

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