Pros cons of online dating

But in college, sometimes finding a boyfriend is just as hard as finding the perfect pair of shoes; the guy who seems like Mr. However collegiettes™, there’s still hope: online dating.We’ve put together everything you need to know about online dating so you can decide whether or not to give it a shot.In all honesty, I would first look at where someone lived, and if it was too far, they were ruled out.Next I looked at their pictures, and if I was attracted to them, I would read further,”“My boyfriend and I met last year on Utilizing an online dating service allows you to check out a whole new crop of people you never would have met otherwise, which means more opportunities for sparks to fly.

Meanwhile, you’re in control of your first impression by choosing a flattering profile picture.

There’s no guarantee that people won’t judge you for looking online for love.

Online dating is not a taboo subject anymore and people seem to take it more seriously than a few years ago.

Online dating sites have more than 20 million people browsing their profiles a month.

So when you sign up and create a profile on a dating site, you’ll be exposed to thousands of people all there for similar reasons, rather than the handful of skeezy guys that attempt to buy you a drink on a Saturday night.

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