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What other benefits could there be to a non-sexual relationship?

There are the other obvious reasons such as avoiding a ‘surprise’ pregnancy and just as important, avoiding sexually transmitted infections, but if you are in a safe and trusting relationship the latter hopefully shouldn’t matter.

No sex in a relationship can also mean less heartbreak if your relationship doesn’t work out, though it will still hurt, it won’t leave you feeling used and worthless.

Some teenagers are content to pal around with friends and simply aren’t ready to begin one on one dating.

Furthermore, a teenager who isn’t interested in dating or having a relationship shouldn’t feel weird about it.

Anyone who enters into a relationship with a teen who holds these religious beliefs should respect the person’s choice to abstain from sexual activity.

Some teenagers choose abstinence because they are concerned about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Some teenagers don’t feel it’s worth it to take the risk of getting an STD that they may have to live with for years to come. A teenager who practices abstinence doesn’t have to worry about the risks of STDs, because he or she doesn’t participate in sexual activity.

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