Mic to mic sex cameras

Can you recommend any cameras that would fit the bill?

It features electrical contacts on its foot that enable audio signal transmission to the camera without any cable required.Overall, this tripod offers many features usually only found on more expensive models.The two-way fluid head provides smooth operation, and features a half-ball mount with a diameter of 65mm, with left and right pan bar mounts. In addition, unlike most other heads in its class, all the head controls are positioned on the left side of the head, which leaves your right hand free for the panning handle. The is a miniature condenser microphone intended to be worn on the clothing of performers for excellent yet unobtrusive sound pickup.I have been making podcasts using a Zoom H6, Audio-technica 2100 xlr mic and an Aputure lavalier mic.I want to add video but don't know where to start with a good but reasonably priced camera or camcorder.

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