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These are voice acting test scripts for each of the characters. " Cera confronting bullies to protect younger/smaller children."Teacher..feel it too, right? N-not that I'm scared or anything--but the little kids might be." This is during a scene where there's a sharp incline of psychic energy that's so strong even the non-psychics can feel it.Currently Larkspur, Rori and Lukas are taken, and some of the others have voice actors who are in the running (their tests will eventually be up on the blog as well). Cera is nervous, but she's not one to admit to weaker emotions so she's voicing her concerns but keeping it clear that she's worried only that the other children might be scared.However, since the story's setting has been changed to more of a European-based world and Guile is from the same general region as Cain, it would make more sense for Guile to have a Cockney or otherwise European accent, or at least standard American. A regional American accent may no longer fit in Fate Saga's world, but I have had trouble getting Guile's energy to come through with a Cockney accent (I've also had trouble finding anyone who can replicate the Cockney accent at all, which may be part of the problem). My name's Guile Thantos and I'm going to be your instructor today! Today there's gonna be a lot of learning going on, so let's get started!

For anyone who may be interested in trying out as Guile, if possible, please try out with any of the following accents if you're able to: Southern accent, standard American accent, Cockney. He doesn't have an accent, but he is uneducated but was raised around intellectual people. One can determine—t-to the tiniest second, how long it takes a person to drown? heheh-heh---O-or how about…how much pressure it takes for bones to break?! If she's angry enough, she can get louder and more aggressive. Her issues with abandonment inspire Cera's "I don't need anyone" kind of attitude, and her temper tends to get her into a lot of physical fights at the school. have a lot of homework to finish anyway." Quiet, dejected but trying not to get too emotional."I heard Teacher's sick and won't be coming in today." Informative."Don't talk to me like a kid! So he knows big words but also talks sloppy.“Heheh… Or-or what about…th-the body’s reaction t-to chemicals?! When she's upset, she gets quiet and tries not to show her emotions. However, Cera respects Malachi as her professor, and younger children really like her protective, big sister attitude. If she's upset, she's more soft spoken and quiet, but hardly ever cries or loses control. " - Guile is talking to his grandfather, after his grandfather says some abusive things to him."K! She Guile is a very friendly, jovial prankster who seldom takes anything seriously.

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