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While dating a guy from Texas has numerous benefits, possibly one of the more romantic is the fact that rural Texas offers something most girls don’t get to experience--stargazing.

There are few things more romantic than stargazing with a Texan, especially if he knows how to strum on a guitar.

by Swinggcat Question: I've gotta thank you for putting out what I consider the most realistic and simple method out there for prizing women! If you don't close a woman that you've successfully prized the very first time you meet her, how can you pitch for her # or how do you pitch for another encounter without losing your Prizability? Before diving headlong into your questions I'm gonna get people new to my newsletters up to speed by defining the terminology you used. Establishing while interacting with a woman that you're a Prize she wants to win over.

Say you're in a push pull situation and she gets pulled away by friends, how can you pitch for her digits and still stay congruent with your meta-frame as being the prize? When a woman buys into the reality that you walking away from her or not validating her or not making a sexual pass at her or not paying attention to her..so on would be a loss for her, you've, my friend, got Prizability. Pitt was just some average Joe who probably didn't have the skills to establish Prizability.

One of the hardest things for an actor to nail is a southern accent.

So often they are botched on the big screen by big names.

Unless you date Texas men a lot, you have no idea what you are missing. From short ribs to fine cuisine, dating a Texan is the next best thing to hiring a live-in chef.

Yes, there are still men walking around in cowboy hats and tan leather boots; riding into the sunset is more like regular exercise in Texas.

So you don’t have to worry about scaring anyone away.

There’s something about a cowboy hat, a slow drawl, and sunset on a prairie that never loses its charm. Best of all, there's a whole lot of that gritty romantic sense that makes the oddest date better than a candlelit dinner. You don’t need to faint all over the place, even if you were looking for some old-fashioned romance.

The modern man may have his suits and briefcases, his perfect hair and clean shoes, but every now and then a girl wants some of that old-fashioned, home-and-hearth romance, that still lets her be who she is. The best thing about dating a Texas man is that they’re more than used to cowgirls.

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