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If the court's going to give him notice of proceedings and embroiling him in litigation, then we are putting his little girl in the middle of this media firestorm.'She asked for Angel, who the couple had during their brief relationship, to remain "the last one in this family that can have protection and privacy".

Stephen's lawyer Michael Hanasa argued his client has raised the girl from a young age and said she already lacks privacy because she is "paraded around" on TMZ.

The petitioner says it is not in Angel’s best interest for that to occur.'Whether Mr Belafonte has the rights of a stepparent are not in front of the court today so I take no position on that.'He said: 'Mr Murphy is entitled to be joined as a party as soon as Mr Belafonte seeks any visitation with Angel'Mail Online has contacted representatives for Mel and Eddie for comment.

Mel has reportedly been secretly dating the policeman for months, following her separation from husband Stephen. That daughter (Eddie) has with her he doesn't claim and that's the only one I don't see him claiming.'Mail Online has contacted representatives for Mel, Torrei and Eddie for comment.

The hearings have been damaging so far for both sides, with the court being told Mel has "wiped out" her £39 million (million) Spice Girls fortune after leading an extremely "extravagant" lifestyle.

Stephen, who has already failed to win temporary rights over Angel, has dismissed his famous ex-wife's claims as false - with his lawyers describing them as 'nothing more than a smear campaign'.

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