Is josh ramsay dating amanda mcewan

Fans say he was either crying, or it was just sweat. It is a very emotional song and I can recall his eyes getting watery, but also he was sweating from being up on stage, that’s normal.But there is no definite answer to what the song meant to him.But that also created the idea that some of the songs on comments, Josh does talk about Amanda:“And of course, Amanda.You never cease to inspire me, support me, challenge me, make me laugh, and keep me grounded. You are the best thing about me, and you will always be my Porcelain.”Note how he says “This little symphony is for you.” And the songs in this album are mostly about wanting something back that you lost, and love that didn’t work out well, but wanting it back.Then I heard that they just broke up on a mutual agreement. I don’t think any average Trenchers know the answer to this. One thing that really sparked this debate towards their relationship was the Marianas Trench Live Performance on Much.While Josh was singing , it definitely did look like he was crying.As well, in a recent interview, Josh stated that he wanted his fans to think of as their own meaningful song. Josh tends to not take relationships seriously because he always jokes around by saying he can never get a girl, which everyone knows is not true.

He said in an interview he would most likely fall in love with a fan. Lol And she would also have to understand his secdule. It will still take a couple of years but hey I like. Apart from Canadian, Josh Ramsay also possesses American citizenship.It has been acknowledged that in the past he was dating model Amanda Mc Ewan in a three-year long relationship, but there aren’t any other relevant data or details about his private matters.Later he realized that he needed a supporting band, and alongside his sister Sara and three more local musicians, he founded Ramsay Fiction in 1999.However, after this project failed, Josh teamed up with Matt Webb, Ian Casselman and Mike Ayley and in 2001 founded Marianas Trench, a pop-rock band which released its debut studio album, entitled “Fix Me”, in 2006, which was immediately rated gold; the hit single “Shake Tramp” peaked at No.

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