Gender roles and dating

That it is the man’s job to chase after the woman and obtain her interest. Aren’t we stating that the expectations for men and women when it comes to dating are different? Why are we still considering women who financially provide for their able-bodied boyfriends or husbands idiots?Why is it acceptable for a man to take care of a woman who doesn’t work? There are still things that women expect men to do in relationships simply because they are men. Since they are the established ones, once they get serious, they are letting their boyfriends move in with them.That a woman only needs to sit back and allow a man to woo them.If you really wanted equality, you would also feel compelled to court a man.Girls have a more nurturing role as mothers and wives which is different to what men are.'Critic and entrepreneur Dick Smith told the paper: 'I'd much rather we weren't trying to make young girls aggressive by changing the messages they are getting.I'd much rather young girls continue to be nurturing, kind and understanding.'Sam Page, CEO of Early Children Australia, told the paper he applauded Ms Broderick's call to introduce children to gender-equal ideas through books at school and wants parents to get board too.'We've had examples where parents and dads have been really upset when boys dress up in dresses or traditional girls clothing as part of their normal play.'While I don't think we should get rid of fairy tales altogether, we do need to contextualise and balance them with contemporary stories as well,' she said.

All this confirms to me is that you truly are not ready for relationship equality. You want more power without having more responsibility.You still want to be the woman with all of the rights that men in relationships have without the man’s responsibility in a relationship. You want to have a partnership without taking on the roles and duties that were traditionally reserved for a man.You want to have the right to not cook, clean, sex him, or do any of the traditional woman duties without being judged for it.And you wouldn’t mind if the man you dated took on some of these responsibilities.After all, you’re not a slave and these gender roles are sexist. Are we going to get rid of all gender roles and truly be equals when it comes to dating and relationships?

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