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To send media, you can either give Physical path or a URL to media resource.The ‘yum’ blog is a collection of random musings on all things ‘yum’ and ‘tasty’ that make life so good – from mouth watering recipes, weekend getaways, the magic moments of life to causes that we’re passionate about.So, I use Whats Api ( API-Official), simply because it was most recommended API I found. So, I don’t go in much of coding part in this article. To start with, require_once 'whatsprot.class.php'; $username = "11111111111"; //Mobile Phone prefixed with country code so for india it will be 91xxxxxxxx $password = "somepasswordstring"; $w = new Whats Prot($username, 0, "Whats App Messaging", true); //Name your application by replacing "Whats App Messaging" $w->connect(); $w->login With Password($password); $target = '912222222222'; //Target Phone,reciever phone $message = 'Your message comes here'; $w-> Send Presence Subscription($target); //Let us first send presence to user $w->send Message($target,$message ); // Send Messagepoll Messages()’ otherwise your message won’t be sent.I didn’t even try any other API code, as it works like charm for me. Note: all Phone must prefix the country code or it won’t send messages.

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My mother and aunts have a huge number of special iyengar recipes. This blog is the best way I can do it.” Lakshmi, fanatical baker and Latha’s daughter, who stocks up a variety of spices in her kitchen.

In her own words: “I belong to a family of great cooks.

Cooking yummy delicacies was as simple as drinking a glass of water for my mother.

Local Webserver (Example: Wamp in Windows: Link , Lamp in Linux)While working in localhost use the Learn2crack Login Api Lite instead of the one given in the package. The user data such as First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, Password, Registration Time etc are stored in My SQL database. You can use php My Admin to easily create My SQL database.

To create a new layout file select File-Android XML File and enter the layout name. The file used as background KEPSHhr Sn Jta DFy Z2s/edit?

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