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Men with clinically defined low libido are often diagnosed with low testosterone, and men more than women respond better and more safely to testosterone supplementation.Metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and obesity also can contribute to low testosterone by impairing production of testosterone.Some are folks celebrating the return of their mojo after losing weight and and gaining energy on the Primal Blueprint.Others are from readers concerned about their partners’ unhealthy habits and what they see as the coital repercussions.Some research points to the importance of DHEA more than testosterone in pre-menopausal women’s experience of low libido.

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In all, the questions revolve around a central point: what lifestyle measures support optimum sexual drive?

For women, estrogen and testosterone both appear to positively impact sex drive.

A pre-menopausal woman’s libido, for instance, is influenced by changing hormonal levels throughout her menstrual cycle, rising during the first half of the cycle to then peak at ovulation, the pinnacle of a woman’s fertility.

Let’s put this aside for a few minutes – all the cultural hype and pseudo-medical baggage.

Instead, let’s gather around the metaphorical fire circle and reclaim evolutionary reality.

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