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Adultery does, in fact, violate Uniform Code of Military Justice.Deputies from the Effingham and Chatham County Sheriff’s Offices lured the men to the area over the past 10 weeks in “Operation Summer Heat” by pretending to be underage children.

military, evident because they used email addresses that end in the domain.

Deal said the men who plead guilty tend to get shorter prison terms, but even they get 10 years and a long probation term when they must register as a sex offender.

CNNMoney verified this by plugging in email addresses of users it has independently verified.

Many of these students go on to a seminary after completing their undergraduate degree.

Nevertheless, by the early 2000s, the university quietly reexamined its position on accreditation as degree mills proliferated and various government bureaucracies, such as law enforcement agencies, began excluding BJU graduates on the grounds that the university did not appear on appropriate federal lists.

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