Doc love texting and dating

This does not mean his students only should go for average looking women but they are encouraged to go beyond looks.This is not a book for men who only wanna go for slutty skanky hotties!

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In this one, he advises telling the girl via email that you thought her profile was “interesting”. So you want to keep it brief while still appearing normal.Here’s what he suggest you send them in your “icebreaker” message via the dating site: “If you get a positive response on — a wink — toss into your e-mail that you’re a busy guy and that you have tons of fun on the weekends. He advises that you give her the phone number and address of the Starbucks, and that you make sure there’s plenty of parking.In your second paragraph, keep on keeping it light. According to Doc, she’ll be looking for an excuse to not go through with the date.He also provides the observation that the more detailed her email responses are to yours, the higher her interest level is.This probably seems obvious, but you never know when you’re dealing with the average frustrated chump.

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