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Reasons for the Available Soon status include: Card Status—Customized.The Customized status indicates that Wells Fargo has approved your customized design and your new card has been issued.To avoid running out of time, we recommend you make sure your image is ready to upload before you begin to give yourself more time to crop, resize, and place your image as well as review your overall design.

Wells Fargo will notify you by email if there’s a problem with the customization and image that you submitted, and we will invite you to try again with a different image that meets our posted Image Guidelines.Certain disposable cameras, mobile phones, and other picture-taking devices don’t produce high-quality, high-resolution images.As a result, you may not be able to alter the file to make it meet the guidelines.Once your image has been approved, Wells Fargo will keep the image on file for as long as you decide to use it on your card.If you choose to remove your customization or select a new customization, your original image will no longer be available.

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