Dating a weaver scope

The scopes are made by Light Optical in Japan who has a reputation for making quality scopes.

Some Weaver scopes such as the Extreme series are made in the Philippines so I can't comment on those.

Was told it was the rifle's fault (prior scope sighted just fine) and nothing to be done.

The optics are nice but I can't use it at all and Weaver CS essentially says tough luck.

These durable, versatile scopes come with a wide array of reticle options to enhance your range-estimation capabilities.

Like all Weaver scopes, this series also features multicoated lenses, which ensure up to 94% light transmission to deliver clear, crisp sight images with perfect contrast in all types of lighting.

You have to carefully loosen the small knurled cap on top of the turret (it is tight from the factory) and you can lift the turret up and turn it without moving the internals.

Installed and initial sighting was 5 inches low at 50 yards. Weaver CS said it had 13 MOA up or down but can't even get that.

This can take some work if your gun/mounts are quite a bit off but if you go through the trouble you will be able to almost zero your scope without using the internal windage and elevation adjustments.

This will give you the additional advantage of better light transmission and less point of impact shift.

It features 30mm objective tubes and multicoated lenses, which ensure maximum light transmission to deliver crisp, clear sight images with perfect contrast in all types of lighting. I cannot fathom why Weaver discontinued this model as it is a First Class in every way!

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile rifle scope for use with your high-caliber weapon, consider the Weaver Classic Extreme Rifle Scope Series. I purchased one of these a couple of years ago and like to be sure before I put in a review.

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