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Funding for emergency and grant provision is limited.

This means the scheme is subject to change, and can only be provided while funds are available.

If you would like to check your Local Housing Allowance Rate please check LHA on the Government's website.

A notification letter will be sent to you confirming any entitlement to Housing Benefit.

For example, in a normal working week a payment made after 4pm on a Friday will show on the following Tuesday.

If you're a housing association tenant, we'll pay your benefit direct to your landlord.

*- the increase in the 2011//2013 rate of guardian's allowance does not apply to payments being made to a person living abroad.

The 2017/2018 child benefit and guardian's allowance rates were issued on 23 November 2016 alongside the 2016 Autumn Statement.

Paying your council tax by direct debit is the most effective way to keep costs down, while saving you time and effort.

To set up a direct debit please: Any payment made on this automated payment line after 4pm will show on our records after two working days.

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