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Have a favourite TV show and want to talk to other people who are watching it at the same time wherever they are in the world? When the program starts open the TALK app and create a room called Xfactor.

Share the link with your friends and start talking about the show as it's happening.

TALK is anonymous, free, fast and doesn't need any registration.

Your conversations are greater than your circle of friends and focused on your topic. You can also quickly see what other people are talking about and can join in the conversation.

Martin seriously what is the point in having a conversation with DW it’s like listening to DS, the club is a shambles that’s the reason we are marching on the 10th to try and get rid of them. # MAYBË your #RANCID #DISEASED #FEMALES/#TRANNIES on #DRUGS #ENDANGERING #CHILDREN in #DRUGS should be deployed to the #MIDDLE #EAST for 6 MONTHS, like in #SYRIA or somewhere FUN, so they can see #NATIONAL #SECURITY #MONEY has better use than #ENABLING # Jeremy we just thought..

I saw one the other day, people said, "It's an acronym, 'chav', from 'council house and violent'"—well, no, it isn't, that was made up in recent times.

In a case where a teenage woman was barred from her own home under the terms of an anti-social behaviour order in 2005, some British national newspapers branded her "the real-life Vicky Pollard" with the Daily Star running headlines reading, "Good riddance to chav scum: real life Vicky Pollard evicted", both referring to a BBC comedy character.

Created by radio host Matt Lucas for the show Little Britain, the character Vicky Pollard is a teenage girl intended to parody a chav.

By 2005 the term had become widespread in its use as to refer to a type of anti-social, uncultured youth, who wear a lot of flashy jewellery, white trainers, baseball caps, and sham designer clothes; the girls expose a lot of midriff.

People talk about "chav behaviour" or "chav insults" and that sort of thing.

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