Cassie dating 2016

And if you can find someone who shares your interests and passions, life will be that much easier. (And, honestly, I do think meeting people socially is the best approach for many, many people. Plus, and this is a big one, meeting someone through a shared passion is far less intimidating and potentially disappointing than going on a date with a stranger. So don’t get stuck behind a computer sending messages into nowhere. If you want to be scammed by someone, at least make them do it in person…

, the longtime couple started arguing in the car after Cassie told Diddy she wanted to break up with him.

I was at a conference this weekend selling my Cassie Leigh books as well as a number of other books and I ended up having a series of conversations with men who I’d say were a little lost about how to find a new love.

We didn’t get into specifics for the most part but I think most of the guys I talked to this weekend were either recently divorced or widowed, no longer in their 20’s or even their 30’s, and just trying to figure out what to do now.

(As are most women, quite frankly.) So, this post is for those guys.

The nice, well-meaning guys who don’t even know how to get started with dating.

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