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Modern weddings always have better food and never serve cholent frummie weddings have schnorer tables and crashers I have crashed modern weddings but its rarely done.At frummie weddings you may find someone sitting in your seat eating your half eaten food, while at modern weddings that would never happen even my casual asking if your gonna eat that gets looks.With the recent push to the right, modern orthodoxy is beginning to look like black hat Judaism, luckily its not too crazy yet and you still have distinctly modern orthodox weddings and yeshivish or frummie weddings.Even though many black hats wind up at modern orthodox weddings due to the brainwashing tactics of Yeshivas in Israel, one can instantly tell they are at a modern orthodox event and here is why.Modern orthodox people dont do those frummie tap dances with the twirling hands.The girls always wear way too much makeup at frummie weddings, and they are almost always married.Has anyone ever been to a frummy wedding where anyone wore a tux?Other wedding posts: My first wedding posts ever Eliot and Amys crazy bucharian wedding Lubavitch weddings without smirnoff suck My fathers wedding This wedding had a berlin wall for a mechitza Why don’t frum men wear wedding rings?

Yeshivish weddings rarely have any strapless gown types who have husbands with the husbands in the white yarmulkes that look like tents.At Yeshivish weddings they always have more food at the chossons tish than at modern weddings, the booze at yeshivish weddings is usually better because people usually bring their own because people are generally poorer.At Modern weddings you can understand who is being called up to the chupah to make a bracha, at yeshivish weddings they have to do it in scary Yinglish or they get fired, oh and they have to add a lot of suffixes to the names of everyone why isnt rabbi good enough?At the end of modern weddings after all the older guests have left the younger guests may have mixed dancing or all go out to a club or something, at frummie weddings they go home and log into facebook to tag pictures, or wish people the zoche to build a bayis neeman byisroel on only simchas.At modern weddings no one ever says im yirtza Hashem by you!

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