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Jehovah first appeared to Abraham at the sacred oak of Shechem, where Abraham built his altar.

Later Abraham build an altar to the oak god of Mamre at Hebron. D., Constantine said Abraham's home at the Oak of Mamre was still a shrine: 'It is reported that most damnable idols are set up beside it, and that an altar stands hard by, and that unclean sacrifices are constantly offered.'" This description of Abraham's origins means that Judaism is built upon hoary myths, such that neither of its offshoot religions, Christianity and Islam, can truthfully claim to be of divine or "inspired" origin.

Arab women still insist that the moon is the parent of mankind. Rawlinson traces the name back to the designation of the ancient capital Ur (Chur) to be translated as moon-worshipers.

The Semitic moon-god was 'the special deity and protector of women.' The Babylonians worshiped the goddess Ishtar, who is identical with the great Arabian goddess and has the epithet , which really means the Queen of the Stars.

While this 1.8 billion figure seems to be high for the present, according to various predictions and stated Islamist goals Islam sweep the world, but, contrary to the best wishes of some of its adherents, this invasion will not be peaceful.In Exodus (3:1) Sinai is called the 'mountain of the Elohim. Traces of ancient moon-worship were energetically removed from the text by later editors.This suggests that it has long been sacred.' "In the Old Testament, which is a collection of much earlier, often edited writings, the moon appears as a power of good (Deut. A few remained, however, and can be recognized in the prohibitions of Deuteronomy.Only much later was he powerful enough to forbid prostration before the moon (Koran Sure ).Before Islamic times the moon deity was the most prominent object of cults in ancient Arabia.

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