Adventures and dating

None of this even mentions the whole anxiety and depression thing.

No one you’re dating or meeting wants to know about how broken you feel from time to time.

Inevitably this leads to problems for me, because people will betray you and hurt you knowingly.

Sometimes they’ll do it without any regard for how you might feel, and that’s fine because at the end of the day we all have to look out for ourselves. In my case I carry on relationships with people who hurt me because I don’t like letting go, even though I may know that they’re toxic for me, that they make me feel worthless.

Note: these are definitely more geared toward men since I am indeed a man. Especially that last one, and if you’re the type of person who does that I’ll reiterate, stop being creepy, ya creep.

Have you ever talked to to someone online in the tone and mannerisms of a person you definitely are not? What I’ve realized talking to potential romantic interests is that I put my best foot forward.

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I’m deeply ashamed to admit to all of you that I’ve done this on more than one occasion, either because I wasn’t interested after the date or because I wasn’t ready even if I felt a connection there. It’s a shitty thing to do, and I do not relish the idea of revealing this facet of my life and personality to anyone much less friends from Facebook or followers on Twitter.*** This page will be dedicated to guys who are out to scam innocent people. However, they put up enough red flags to make at least me and my friends go, What the…??? If you know him, I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me if the information he told me is indeed true.He led me on for three months telling me how much he wanted to meet me and then pulled the plug on me when I least expected it.Now I must present myself to this person after making sure they’ve gotten the best version of me.What usually transpires is a version of me that’s as hyped up on as much caffeine as possible and the general anxious version of me. What inevitably happens is I make an awkward comment at some point during the evening or I shut down and talk less altogether.

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