Adult chat line work

It is always easy to get carried away in the first few weeks of logging on and this is great but it is exceptionally hard to keep this up and that is why we always advise to pace yourself so that you do not experience burn out and quit altogether!Lots of experienced adult chat line operators who do this job from home, find it very helpful to organize their own personal shift patterns.We know the pitfalls, we know the tricks and we know how to make as much money as possible.It’s great to be able to log on line, when you want to, knowing that you can make money when you want to.We have written a very comprehensive Handbook which will answer most of your questions! Also, you can call our office team with any questions that you may have and we will do our very best to answer them for you.Most of us don’t mind Chatting, even with strangers as long as the conversation progresses or follows a path we have interest in.It is a fresh approach to working at home; it’s fun, funny and is flexible all at the same time.All we ask is that you are motivated to earn money and that you have spare time on your hands to be able to log on, at times convenient for you.

Your callers can tell that you are tired of saying the same thing over and over again and that your connection with them is not as authentic as it should be.Burnout is very common with new adult chat line operators, they want to do their best and get in as many hours as possible but it can also be detrimental to their call times.So always take your time and set yourself realistic log on times and patterns that suit you, around your life.If you would like to get started, please ensure that you have read the handbook: Chatline Operators Handbook Please apply online and Click Here Alternatively, we can post you the application form and handbook.Please contact the office team if you would prefer this option.

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