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1.1.1983 to , 12 % per annum (compounded quarterly) w.e.f. This is to ensure that only the required number of questions are answered and evaluated and the totalling of the marks is correct.1.1.1987 to , 11% per annum (compounded quarterly) w.e.f. It has to be ensured by the evaluating officer that there are no erasing cuttings or over-writings or mistake in totalling the marks granted to the candidates.Clarifications were requested on the grant of officiating allowance, grant of additional allowance when running staff are put to officiate for 30 days and less and the mode of pay fixation if the running staff are put to officiate for more than 30 days. Note(6): There have been cases of forcing the evaluating Officer by his superior panel approving authority to change the marks already awarded to the candidates after the evaluation is complete but before the results of the written test are published.It is clarified that the provisions of Rule 1513(a) of IREC-II/1987 hold good even after the implementation of the recommendations of the Sixth CPC. This is a highly irregular practice and the evaluating officer should not get pressurised even at the cost of incurring displeasure of his superiors. Any delay in evaluation by more than two months should be brought to the notice of the DRM or HOD. References from various field units as well as federations seeking clarification regarding acceptance or otherwise of certificates /qualifications obtained from various Boards of School Education in India for the purpose of employment in railways have been under consideration of this Ministry.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Few Zonal Railways had sought clarification regarding the eligibility conditions for seeking the benefit of LARSGESS and also the level of Assessment Committee in respect of specified safety categories in GP 1900. ACCEPTED for and on behalf of the President of India. FORM ‘C’ [See Rule 4 (4)(b)] KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS THAT WE …………………….. NOTE[2]: Evaluation of answer sheets even where fly leaves and dummy numbers are present but the candidate has written his name or roll number in other sheets of the answer book, is also not allowed.

In case of failure of submission of such certificate, candidate should not be allowed to appear in the field trial. E[MPP]2009/3/44 dated reiterating instructions in regard to training in Fire-Fighting to all the Training Centres falling within their jurisdiction. Instructions contained in letters under reference will continue to be valid. 468-E/25/LM/Way[E] dated on the above cited subject has been considered in Board’s Office in consultation with Establishment directorate. dated (RBE No.102/2013), for implementation of cadre restructuring of Group ‘C’ staff, the matching savings by surrender of posts should be effected from the category itself.The matter of considering the cases of sportspersons who are found eligible for recruitment against sports quota in team games, but have not submitted the certificate for actual participation in field for their recognized sports achievements alongwith his/her application, has been considered in Board’s office. In case of any doubt, the original paras and the circulars should be relied upon as authority. contain list of Boards of School Education which are Member Boards of COBSE.In this connection it has been decided that the applicants who have not submitted the certificates for his/her recognized sports achievement in team game as per Railway Board’s letter No. 4.3 If any provision of the IREM and the circular on the subject which has not been superseded has been missed in preparing these guidelines, the said para and the circular which has not been taken into consideration due to oversight should be treated as valid and operative. Thus certificates /qualification obtained from all such institutions borne on the aforesaid list will be acceptable for the purpose of employment on the railways, from the date on which the said institution has been accorded membership by COBSE, if they were not recognized earlier by any competent authority.However, the method for pay fixation in case of Rule 1513(b) of IREC-II/1987 has been decided vide Board’s letter No. It is further clarified that additional allowance would become payable on a pro rata basis, wherever admissible when running staff are put to officiate for 30 days or less. Delays of more than three months should be brought to the personal notice of the General Manager. Clarification has been received from nodal Ministry/Department of Government of India, viz., Department of Personnel & Training [DOP & T] and M/o Human Resource Development [MHRD] stating that COBSE [Council of Board of School Education in India], an Association of National & State School Boards, is responsible for verifying genuineness /recognition of School Education Boards in India.Further, when the running staff are put to officiate for more than 30 days, full additional allowance would become payable, wherever admissible. 3.2 [a] Multiple choice questions; [b] Answer in yes or no; [c] Fill in the blanks [maximum four words]; [d] Match the following; & [e] Any other type of question[s] for which answer is to be given in one word. It grants membership to Boards /Institutes that are set up by an Act of Parliament or State Legislature or an executive order of the Central /State Governments and follow National Curriculum Framework.

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